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Whatever challenge your company is facing: with more than 100 years of practical experience we are certain to have a solution that ideally fits your bill.

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Your company and Square Circle: one team

We use our practical expertise to help you and your company: together, as one team. That is exactly what we do at Square Circle. We focus on people, your people. We have a keen eye for your tailor-made solution. We don’t use chitchat, long presentations and slides with analyses. But action plans: doing, putting into practice and getting to grips. Can we bring that into the real world? Yes. Because your investment in our approach immediately yields returns.


Enhance your leadership skills learning with and from others that face similar challenges

Self-Managed Learning for Leaders

This is how we work ...

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Together with you

When working together we become a member of your team: we share the challenges and work closely together with you and your teams on achieving the objectives.

Sharing expertise

How do we work? We share and integrate our know-how with your teams, so they can successfully widen their expertise and add value to your business.

Practical, no chitchat

All our customers appreciate our no-nonsense approach. We also turn advice into action, and that will be apparent from your figures.


We help your company with every challenge

At Square Circle we are known for our practice-based approach that has already brought hundreds of restructuring and transformation processes to a successful completion. But that’s not all: social negotiations, leveraging capabilities, crisis and risk management, … whatever your challenge may be, we can assist you.

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Business-driven human resources
Social relations and negotiations
Communication and crisis management
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Interactive workshops for you and your people

Sel Managed Learning for Leaders and HR Business Partners, Communication in uncertain times, Communication skills for leaders, Media Training, Crisis Communication, … At Square Circle we don’t relish keeping our experience and knowledge to ourselves. Discover all our courses tailor-made to your company’s needs.

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This is what our customers say about us

“We have been able to convince many employees to embrace the changes. Your training is top class.”

Pharmaceutical group in Europe
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Numbers don’t lie

We focus our approach on concrete and measurable results. An example? Some 20,000 to 60,000 euros (per full-time equivalent and per year) is lost due to dysfunctioning at businesses. The good news? We can help you to recover 35% to 50% per year of these costs.

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operations guided to success by our team. The biggest project involved 25 countries.


is the average time a person can listen while concentrating. Remember that with your next presentation.


from 35 countries in Europe and Africa have followed our media training.


successfully completed.


is what we need to publish a press release – that speed is of vital importance with any crisis management.


recommendation of our ‘communication skills for leaders’ training. This is based on more than 400 participants.


Blogs and insights

Need insight, inspiration or tips? Make sure you check out our blogs and read: everything about the successful integration of two companies, how you hold the perfect meeting, who survives the corona crisis and much more.

How the Corona pandemic reveals your true Company Culture

Over the last 1,5 year our world has been heavily impacted in many ways by the Covid-19 pandemic. Many things that we took for granted and that are just part of the usual way we do things were all of a sudden not so obvious anymore. For Companies, this disruptive event has put enormous challenges […]
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Ann Dewael

An Dewaele joins Square Circle

An Dewaele, former CHRO of Barco, is becoming a partner at Square Circle adding a vast expertise to the team to fulfill a common mission: support companies with business driven people solutions to be successful in an increasingly volatile, mobile and complex world. An has over 30 years of human resources experience in global companies, where […]
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Why persuasion is so difficult

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