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Engaging Leaders and Employees to Transform, Develop and Grow.

Our team brings practical expertise in management, HR and communication, coupled with a hands-on approach. This leads to successful transformation projects, clear business objectives, strong leadership and corporate culture. But also to prevention and management of crises and its communication, engaged employees as important drivers of good performance.

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Successfully implementing strategic projects

Aligning your entire company with its mission, vision and values, perfectly preparing and executing the communication of a restructuring, acquisition or merger, bringing change projects to a successful conclusion, evolving the company culture and working methods.

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Developing and strengthening individuals and teams

Helping to manage all the human facets of your organisation. From scanning team performance to clarifying roles and responsibilities, involving teams in achieving change, developing and strengthening the communication and leadership skills of managers, helping leaders grow in their roles.

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Crisis prevention and management

Intervene immediately with a strong communication plan and efficient crisis management practices to handle a crisis. Whether it is related to a product, an accident, pressure groups or social actions. But also proactively create or test your crisis plan through a “crisis masterclass”. The aim is to ‘unburden’ you when a crises strikes.

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Trainings, interactive workshops and coaching

Our training courses are build in such a way that the participants can immediately set to work with the acquired knowledge. And this for a range of themes that are very relevant today in the fields of management, leadership, HR and communication. From ‘self-managed learning’ and individual coaching for HR Business Partners and executives to practical communication in uncertain times, dealing with the media, crisis communication, communication skills … Discover all our training courses and workshops tailored to your company. For individual coaching, please contact us directly.

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What customers say about us

The real life expertise you have in restructuring is a veritable bible of do’s and dont’s. It allowed us to avoid mistakes, not lose sight of anything and be proud that we handled such a difficult communication in the best possible way.

Director of Communications
Automotive sector

What customers say about us

Instead of just accepting the new status quo we have had the opportunity to think about what it means for us as a team.

European Executive Search Team
New Leader Assimilation

What customers say about us

In our company, 55 top and middle managers received training in communication skills. The results were immediate. We now spend more time on our core mission while communication has greatly improved.

CEO Benelux
Telecom sector
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Figures don't lie

We focus our approach on concrete and measurable results. An example? 20,000 to 60,000 euros – per full-time equivalent and per year – are lost due to dysfunctions in companies. The good news? We help you recover 35 to 50 % of this each year.

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from 35 countries in Europe and Africa attended our media training.

leaders & teams

supported in their development and performance.


were led in the right direction by our team. The largest included 25 countries.


Is the average time a person listens with concentration. Remember this for your next presentation.


is all we need to issue a press release – this speed is vital for any crisis management.


recommends our training course ‘communication skills for leaders’. Based on more than 400 participants.

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The Ferrero crisis

What do we learn from this and how did Barry Callebaut react?

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Need insight, inspiration or tips? Be sure to check out our blogs, and read all about the successful integration of two companies, how to hold the perfect meeting, who comes out of the corona crisis, and much more.

Responsabiliser les dirigeants et les équipes lors d'une transformation Etude de cas RH Sabam

Empowering leaders and teams during a transformation: Head of HR at SABAM shares her experiences with Square Circle

Anyone who has ever organised a party knows Sabam as the Belgian association of authors, composers and publishers that collects copyrights for the music you play. But Sabam is so much more than an administrative collector. On the eve of its 100th anniversary – in January 2022 – new CEO Steven De Keyser presented its […]

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Company Restructuring: HR expert Jo De Cock shares her experiences on working together with Square Circle

Getting a company restructuring right requires a lot of knowledge and skill. Why exactly is it useful to call on external expertise? Katrien Decroos, Senior Communication Expert at Square Circle, asked Jo De Cock, currently Head of HR Western Europe at H.Essers.  At two other companies, she coordinated a reorganisation with the guidance of Square […]

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Rudy Coenen joins Square Circle as a partner

Rudy Coenen joins the team of Katrien Decroos, An Dewaele and Ludovic Goethals with a communication expertise forged by 20 years of experience in leading companies in various sectors such as banking, insurance, asset management, the public sector, training, energy and associations. With a career marked by diversity, Rudy has been able to embrace all […]

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