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Multidisciplinary expertise

What do you need to know about our team at Square Circle? That we have a closely-knit team: complementary in our areas of expertise, working closely together, but still mutually independent. When you work with Square Circle you get multi expertise in-house.

Vision & mission

How we work

At Square Circle we know that we can assist any company in facing their challenges. How? With advice that gets to the bottom of the challenge. With solutions that you immediately see the effects of. And with a plan that is immediately deployable and cost-effective.


100 years of practical experience

Katrien is an expert in:
  • Restructuring and transformation (Belgium and Europe)
  • Management communication
  • Listening sessions
  • Crisis communication
  • Training in communication skills.

Katrien Decroos

Katrien has been advising companies for more than 25 years on managing enterprise developments and transformation processes to improve economic and human performance at organisations. She is an accredited partner of ISEOR and cooperates on the development of SEAM® in Belgium.

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An is expert in :
  • Business driven human resources
  • Guiding organizations in change and transformation
  • Leadership development and coaching
  • Team performance and employee engagement

An Dewaele

An has over 30 years of Human Resources experience in global companies, where she held several senior executive positions in multiple European and Global Roles in the automotive and high-tech industry, based in Sweden and Belgium. In her career, An covered the breadth of HR activities on both operational and on strategic level and has a passion for Leadership, Talent, Culture and Engagement. An is a people focused person, focused on balancing business objectives and people well-being.

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Ludo is an expert in:
  • Restructuring and transformation (Belgium and Europe)
  • Management communication
  • Vision, mission, values
  • Media training
  • Crisis communication

Ludo Goethals

Ludo has been managing business evolution and transformation processes for more than 25 years.  His focus area is to help improve the human performance to strengthen the economic performance of organisations. He is also currently developing SEAM® as an accredited partner of ISEOR in Belgium, and is the author of the book ‘Persuasive Communication’, published by the International Labour Organisation to train the leadership of employers’ organisations worldwide.

LinkedIn Ludo Goethals
Rudy is expert in :
  • Corporate communications
  • Internal communications
  • Accompanying strategic projects
  • Trainings in communication skills

Rudy Coenen

Since more than 20 years, Rudy has been putting his expertise and communication skills at the service of companies willing to engage in a constructive dialogue with all their stakeholders. Rudy has held several positions of responsibility in various sectors such as banking, insurance, energy, training, etc. Thanks to his broad background, he masters all the intricacies of corporate communication. Rudy values exchange, transparency and human relationships.

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International network

Are you working on a complex project in a number of countries? No problem. We help you to negotiate on a global basis, with the perfect integration of local laws and cultures. Through one single contact with one of our partners you gain access to the worldwide reach and local expertise you are seeking.


Countries where we are working or have worked so far

Square Circle is a Belgian company with international strengths. This is how we ensure that companies outside Belgium are also provided with effective solutions and assistance on location. Did you know that 150 CEOs from 35 countries in Europe and Africa have already completed our media training? Contact us for more info.



ISEOR (Institut de Socio-Economie des Entreprises et Organisations) is a leading management research centre in France. This centre of expertise with more than 125 researchers developed SEAM®: the Socio Economic Approach to Management. It improves economic and human performance at organisations.


Cooperation between ISEOR and Square Circle

This cooperation between ISEOR and Square Circle combines the research and intervention skills of ISEOR with the expertise of Square Circle for the management of human performance and communication.

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