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Crisis prevention and management

Intervene immediately with a powerful communication plan and efficient crisis management practices to handlemanage a crisis. Whether it is related to a product, an accident, pressure groups or social actions. But also proactively create or test your crisis plan via a "crisis masterclass". The aim is to 'unburden' you when a crisis strikes.

Crisis management & Crisis communication

  • Create a crisis plan or test the readiness of a crisis plan through a ‘live’ exercise
  • Prepare crisis scenarios & tactics with a full communications toolkit
  • Develop holding statements, targeted messages, Q&A for media and all stakeholders, both internally within your company and externally
  • Learn how to deal with the media and be prepared for interviews so that it is your message that is taken over

Crisis management & Crisis communication

The first hours are crucial for the successful management of a crisis and most companies have a crisis plan. But practice shows that it is important to test that plan at regular time intervals by means of a ‘live’ exercise. Dealing with the media is also best practiced well in advance through media training. We teach you a technique to ensure that the company’s messages are adopted by the press ‘intact’. Is your company faced with an incident that threatens to become a crisis? As experienced communication experts, we guide you from the very first minute in order to steer it in the right direction.