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Engaging leaders and employees in transformation, development and growth

Our team brings practical expertise in management, HR and communication, coupled with a hands-on approach. This leads to successful transformation projects, clear business objectives, strong leadership and corporate culture. But also to prevention and management of crises and its communication, engaged employees as important drivers of good performance.

Successfully implementing strategic projects

Aligning your entire company with its mission, vision and values, perfectly preparing and implementing the communication of a restructuring, takeover or merger, successfully carrying out change projects, evolving the company culture and working methods.

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Developing and strengthening individuals and teams

Helping to manage all the human facets of your organisation. From scanning team performance to clarifying roles and responsibilities, involving teams in achieving change, developing and strengthening the communication and leadership skills of managers, helping leaders grow in their roles.

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Crisis prevention and management

Intervene immediately with a strong communication plan and efficient crisis management practices to handle a crisis. Whether it is related to a product, an accident, pressure groups or social actions. But also proactively create or test your crisis plan through a “crisis masterclass”. The aim is to ‘unburden’ you when a crisis strikes.

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Do you have a challenge? We have the solution.

Square Circle can help you with any challenge you may face: implementing strategic projects, aligning the human organisation with new work structures and processes, building a strong culture, strengthening leaders, teams and individuals, managing crises and communication, and any other people or communication challenges you may encounter. With our services, we offer your organisation the solution


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The Square Circle approach

This is how we work...

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Together with you

During our cooperation, we become part of your team: we share the challenges and work closely with you and your teams to achieve the objectives.


Sharing expertise

How do we work? We share and integrate our know-how with your teams so that they successfully broaden their expertise and add value to your business.

Practical, no nonsense

All our clients praise our no-nonsense approach. We also turn advice into action, and that is visible in your figures.


What customers say about us

The real life expertise you have in restructuring is a veritable bible of do’s and dont’s. It allowed us to avoid mistakes, not lose sight of anything and be proud that we handled such a difficult communication in the best possible way.

Automotive sector
Director Communication

What customers say about us

In our company, 55 top and middle managers received training in communication skills. The results were immediate. We now spend more time on our core mission while communication has greatly improved.

Telecomsector Benelux

What customers say about us

“Instead of just accepting the new status quo we have had the opportunity to think about what it means for us as a team.”

European Executive Search Team
New Leadership Assimilation