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Increasing productivity SME, 12 employees.

Stress generated by difficult working conditions (open landscape) causes a backlog in files, demotivation, complaints from customers

  • The office is unstable, good employees are leaving.
  • High costs of new hires.
  • Office is not ready to evolve.
  • Danger of losing customers.
  • Negative spiral


  • Average time lost due to inability to concentrate is calculated at 2 hours/day/6 employees. 2,760 hours on an annual basis (= 1.6 FTE)
  • Disruption caused not only by open landscape but also a notary who is constantly coming in and interrupting employees.
  • File backlog for 2 employees is also linked to poor knowledge of the software. Additional loss of time of 8 hours per month/person
  • No dialogue to vent personal concerns, this is not part of the “culture” of the office.
  • Managing Director not aware of the difficulties and frustrations of employees.


    • Socio-Economic Approach to Management (SEAM) for SMEs.
      Structured “focus time” for all employees introduced by the colleagues themselves.
    • Employees can work undisturbed for several blocks of 3 hours a week.
    • Colleagues also make clear agreements of rights and obligations for using focus time
    • Introduction of daily structured check-in moments for discussion of files and personal matters, in consultation with employees.
    • Managing Director no longer interrupts.
    • Communication and feedback are stimulated
    • Training “in house” by the best software expert


      • Measurement after 8 months
      • 70% lost time has been regained (1,932 hours/year = 1.1 FTE).
      • General stress is gone, employees feel a noticeable improvement in their working conditions and job satisfaction.The notary experiences the positive aspects of the dialogue.
      • Difficult files are now also handled during focus time, fewer errors and faster processing (customer satisfaction).
      • There is more attention for the quality of the files and a more anticipatory approach is taken.

      Employees are now involved in defining problems and solutions.
      Work is being done in a more structured way, which makes things calmer at the office