Wasted energy as a change maker in your organisation

Looking for hidden potential in your business

Energy losses, every company has them and underestimates their impact because they are not reflected in the financial reporting. Who in fact calculates energy losses related to, for example, regulating poorly made agreements, insufficient synchronisation between teams resulting in duplication of work, poor or no communication.

What are energy losses?

We call energy losses hidden costs, an inhibiting business factor to which too little attention is paid. Why?
Hidden costs are usually the result of poor human interaction, inappropriate organisational structure, malfunctioning processes, unclear communication.
When management and employees have to evolve with a changing reality, the pressure will increase to achieve the objectives. In doing so, one often forgets that there are resistances that make the change slow or not initiated.

Tapping into hidden potential

More than 40 years of scientific research (ISEOR, Lyon) shows that if you can identify these resistances with the right analysis tools and tackle them together with management and employees, a great potential for energy will emerge. Research and fieldwork indicate that one is at a hidden potential varying between EUR 20,000 and EUR 60,000 per employee.
Companies that can turn hidden costs into positive energy are able to do more and evolve faster.

A warm call

A warm call to management. Take a different look at your company, department or team. Are there elements today that cause energy to be wasted, that employees are frustrated because of skewed situations ? Make with them the analysis of what the impact is on their daily work, their well-being. This will most likely translate into extra time needed to get everything done. In some cases it will lead to demotivation, indifference and even absence.
Hidden costs can be recycled up to 50% with the right approach. A source of energy that can be a real change maker for your organisation.