Transformation, restructuring and change

Management has the formal power to conduct transformation and change projects. But the real power lies in the hand of …the employees. We transfer expertise and tools to help you engage the entire workforce in any change project.

Engaging Workforce

  • Assess current perceptions and internal state of people engagement in order to efficiently manage the people component during the change process.     
  • Develop communication content and tools to inform employees and stakeholders addressing resistance to change.
  • Transfer of expertise and tools to management and middle management to help them communicate and steer the changes in their teams on a daily basis.

Restructuring &Transformation

  • Develop an effective road map for the announcement of the restructuring or transformation, one or multiple sites in Belgium and all other European countries.
  • Content: draft communication to works council, employees, authorities, business relations, media, customers, suppliers including Q&A’s, talking points.
  • People management and communication training for executive team and middle management to manage uncertainty at the team level during and after consultation period.

In-house resource

  • Temporary in house experts to help conduct transformations and restructurings  for companies with less restructuring experience or lacking appropriate local resources in Belgium or Europe.
  • Our expert has been in the driving seat of mergers, closures, restructurings, transfer of undertakings nationally and internationally.
  • Including site and multi-site legal process and content management, severance packages and union negotiations.