Social Relations and Negotiations

Social relations and negotiations should not be looked at as a necessary evil. They are investments in your future to the benefit of your customers, employees and shareholders.  If handled well they create a better future.

Master Social Relations and Negotiations

  • We help you define strategy and constructive tactics to change the game by charting out potential scenarios and by making sure you avoid having to improvise. 
  • We assist you in moving forward with your social partners without having to agree on everything.  Our approach is based on both emotional intelligence and rational thinking. 
  • We offer a solid track record and help you to avoid falling into the old conflictual model of “us and them”.

Managing Social Conflict Situations

  • We coach you in getting the most out of such situations by focusing on solving the present issue and laying the foundation for a healthier long term culture.
  • We help you restore communication and manage stress levels in the organization such situations create.
  • We offer strategies and tactics to defuse the situation, end the conflict and reduce its impact.
  • We hold up the mirror after the conflict and provide learning experiences for the future.  

Building Effective Long Term Social Relations

  • We assist you in getting the most out of your investment in managing labor relations and see them as change and transformation management as opposed to managing one-off difficult situations, thus changing the culture of how you and your social partners interact.
  • This brings faster implementation of future projects.
  • Our approach is based on over 30 years of expertise and multiple interactions/negotiations in many different countries.