SEAM® approach

Increase the economic and human performance of your organization with SEAM®, our innovative socio-economic approach to management.

We partner with you to

  • Assist management in setting up teams to implement the desired improvements and deliver additional economic value.
  • Transfer the SEAM® know-how and the tools that will allow your business to self-sufficiently generate continuous improvement.

With SEAM®, we activate the hidden economic and human potential of your organization to enhance its performance and lay the groundwork for the future.


We address energy ‘drains’ that are impacting human and economic performance.

40 years of research in 1,200 companies all over the world has shown that the recurrent economic cost of energy drains is from
20,000 € to 60,000 € per FTE, per year.

With SEAM®, we transform 30% to 50% of that amount into economic value every year to improve economic performance, energize the workforce and deliver future potential.


Any business or organization, small or large, can turn its "hidden energy" into added economic value.


In 35 small businesses with between 5 and 15 employees, we have discovered an economic potential of between 200,000 € and
1 million € on an annual basis. By engaging management and employees to identify and seize energy optimization opportunities, we were able to free up between 150,000€ and 500,000 € a year, per business.

In larger companies the amount of hidden economic value in some cases reached 3 to 4 million € a year. Here, too, up to 50% a year could be turned into additional value to increase sales and margins, improve productivity and quality, sustain innovation, and develop and attract new talents. 


SEAM® pays for itself: the investment starts generating returns within a few months, a considerable advantage when addressing the challenges of the 21st century.


Businesses have seen huge increases in sales and profits, have adapted to changing markets, have become more competitive and more innovative, have changed their structures and transformed their activities, have managed serious economic crises and have resolved social problems, all by mobilizing their management and teams with the SEAM® approach. 

How we work

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