Management Communication

At the top of the employees’ list of concerns is the lack of communication. To make it really efficient, we must find the right balance between tools, processes and skills.

Mission, vision, values

  • Make each employee a co-creator and co-producer of your company vision, building the unique company your customers and stakeholders are looking for.
  • Our mission/vision/values based creative process has been developed according to Harvard University research.
  • It creates a stimulating work environment in which people understand their strategic added value and how they can contribute to achieving the compelling vision that will make the company stand out from the crowd.

    Aligning the entire organisation

    • The strategy derived from the vision is cascaded down through simple yet effective tools to be implemented by all employees. This decentralized approach increases the commitment and sense of ownership that are the key to reaching the objectives.
    • We lead work sessions in order to identify the factors that are fundamental to the organization’s development, working within each department on the organization’s plan.
    • We then set up internal communication campaigns to bring all staff on board in implementing the organisation’s plan, usine both top-down and bottom-up communication.

    Management Communication

    • Our integrated internal communications approach will motivate your employees to implement the company’s strategy and vision on a daily basis.
    • 20% of it is centrally managed and 80% is directed by line management.
    • We have developed interactive communications trainings for management train management.