Effective Internal Communication

as strategic asset in a fast changing world

Employees are more critical, have strong opinions about their work and demand to be listened to. A good irrigation of information coupled with a high level of feedback and (re)action increases the organization’s performance and agility.



  • Strategic information does not really flow through to the floor.
  • Communication is a top concern in employee engagement survey.
  • Communication cascade is not effective.
  • The vision of the company is not known, implemented.
  • Change projects require excessive energy to succeed.
  • Union communication is overshadowing employee communication.
  • High turnover rate, lack of engagement, motivation.

Effective communication

  • The key to effective internal communication: 20% of the process remains centralized, in the form of strategic impulses. 80% is passed on and enriched at each stage of the internal cascade.
  • 100% of the team leaders have received practical training in communication.
  • Ongoing feedback is an integral part of the company culture.
  • We integrate all these elements in a scalable approach.

It works!

  • In a group with 17 factories in Europe, we have transformed the annual information session of the CEO into an active and dynamic moment of consultation and communication with the entire line and staff.
  • In many companies from all sectors our approach has increased employee engagement and human empowerment significantly.
  • 100% of the attendees of our communication skills training say they would strongly recommend it to colleagues.