Vison Mission

An innovative approach: how to develop the reason for existence, the vision and the values of a company in symbiosis with the staff?

Antonissen Development Group is a dynamic real estate group that selects urban locations with exceptional potential and prefers to transform existing buildings into high-quality, modern buildings that are accessible to everyone.

The company wishes to support its growth by distinguishing itself on the market with a dynamic vision of its activity. But that is not all. Antonissen wants to involve all its employees in this exercise. Accompanied by Square Circle, they set off for 1.5 days with the entire team to define a motivating core purpose (the ‘mission’), an inspiring vision and strong company values.

A challenge?

At first glance, involving all staff members in such a project seems utopian. Yet the company managed to achieve this with excellent results. After actively working together during the carefully constructed interactive workshop, the entire team shaped what Antonissen wants to stand for and what its goals are for the coming years.

What lessons can be learned from this process?

Does it make sense to involve staff in creating a vision? Isn’t that the job of management?

Involvement of all staff is an undeniable asset, as experience has shown time and again. In this case, we were able to get the full team of 30 staff members to work together in one workshop. For larger organizations, we recommend also going beyond the strict framework of management by organizing mixed working groups reflecting the different layers of the company. Again, the results are surprisingly rich and insightful. In the end, of course, it is always management that validates the work done.

What do you need to do to get results?

Careful preparation and ongoing coaching during the workshop are essential. Each group has a pilot who is well prepared to manage the entire exercise. Square Circle provides the focused approach and facilitation during the sessions.

What if staff suggestions are not accepted? This can demotivate the staff!

Practice has shown us that the outcome of the group work is highly relevant and rich in strategic insights and proposals. Management was always impressed and pleased with the quality of the work.

What happens when everything is validated? The expectations are high!

Now that Mission, Vision and Values are on paper, we want to take action to actually bring it to life and integrate it into our day-to-day operations. Here, the Results Roadmap™ followed by an action plan approach, was used to execute concrete actions in a decentralized but synchronized way.

All this is framed by dynamic and mobilizing communication. Since there was a broad participation in the creation of the vision, we see in the teams afterwards a great commitment to realize the vision.

My department is changing, can an exercise like this be done to refocus all employees on our goals?

We highly recommend this. The core purpose (mission) of a department may remain unchanged, but the vision of its activity may evolve significantly. Knowing that a vision is a set of ambitious but concrete goals to be achieved in a given period, building it together is the best way to motivate employees to achieve it.