Crisis Management

A crisis should be managed from the very first minutes, without improvisation. It requires careful preparation and regular exercises. All the more so as the media are watching…

Management & Communication Support

  • Our expertise extends to many types of crises: product defects, environmental problems, controversies, financial malpractice, strikes, unfounded accusations, product tampering, extortion, etc.
  • In every crisis we apply the same strategy: do everything you should do to remain in the driving seat of the communication.
  • Special attention is given to internal and external communication with all stakeholders.

    Media Relations & Media Training

    • Building on critical success factors for a successful TV, radio or written interview, we then tailors these to every individual participant by means of a number of live interviews.
    • Next, the focus is on creating perfect briefings and ensuring the core message comes across in the final edit, an objective that we accomplish via in-depth radio and TV interviews.
    • Finally, we employ a specific media values-based technique to teach participants how to formulate messages and attach them to the journalist’s question, allowing the message to be conveyed to the audience, regardless of what the question is.

    Crisis Preparedness

    • Our crisis masterclass of one day is teaching or reviewing the essentials of crisis management communication so that participants can use what they learn right away. We favour interactivity and stimulate the participants to learn from each other, in order to enrich the benefits of the day.
    • We prepare a real crisis case, adapted to our client’s reality that will be unfolded during the day, as it would be in reality.
    • During the whole day, the participants will be coached by us during their preparation and interviews, so that they really can make the progresses we would like them to make.