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Joining forces to broaden and deepen our offer.

2019-10-22 · 6 min read

Anja Van Geert, Katrien Decroos and Ludo Goethals join forces within Square Circle to bring companies an integrated range of management and communication expertise engaging leadership and employees to transform, develop and grow.

Companies contact Square Circle typically when they face competitiveness and profitability issues, when they have to assess risks and protect their operations in a digitalizing world, when working with various cultures is a crucial asset, when a new vision and culture need to be developed and implemented, when a merger or an acquisition is to be implemented, when the strategy is not implemented throughout the entire organization, when business reorganization or restructuring is required, when internal communication and engagement is sub-optimal, when critical union issues need to be managed, when crisis preparedness needs to be tested.

Ludo Goethals: “ We are broadening and deepening our offer, bringing expertise in change management, risk management, intercultural management and  communication where it is most effective. We actively support those who have the levers in hand to achieve the expected advances regardless of their hierarchical level. The purpose of the approach is to get things done by transferring proven expertise and tools strengthening internal talents and experiences in a sustainable way”.

Anja Van Geert has successfully developed and implemented  Information Security, Business Continuity Management and effective Risk Management Processes throughout large international and medium-size companies. She is experienced  in streamlining organizational processes and rendering them more efficient.  With significant international experience, Anja has a sound understanding of cross-cultural influences in managing teams and business relationships. Anja is also Certified Information Systems Auditor and Certified Risk Manager (ISACA) since 2002.

Anja Van Geert: Addressing the technology aspects alone is never enough : the focus must be on the people and the processes that are critical to the success  of the business. Risk Management is not about avoiding losses, it’s about achieving success. To be successful, you need to be making informed and intelligent business decisions – this is where risk management and intercultural effectiveness kick in.”

Katrien Decroos: “ We work as partners to our clients. Our approach is entirely focused on transferring our expertise to management and employees so that they can protect, adapt, develop and grow their organization, from good to great. By doing so people are rewarded because they get more and better results with the same level of energy spent, a key factor to make the approach sustainable”.

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